Monday, 19 November 2018


Hey Beautiful People, here's Vlog #010 
My usual running around central London having fun, hope you enjoy it! Xx

Monday, 5 November 2018

My Experience Fasting...

Exactly three weeks ago my Church announced a 21 day fast we were all invited to partake in. My decision was a no brainer - I  NEEDED this. I found myself walking down the very familiar road of a Christian that does the usual “going to Church” and “spreading love/positivity”, but felt somewhere deep inside a desire for a cleanse of some sort. I’m glad to report I completed my fast with some life lessons learnt along the way. I hope this post is useful to you and even plants the idea of attempting to fast!

I like to think I live a relatively care-free life. I strive to do what I want when I want… but where do I draw the line with this? Something that really jumped out to me during this fasting season was my over consumption of food! For this fast I survived on water alone until the evening (around 6 p.m.) where I would break my fast with a hearty meal. During the day I found myself able to go to work, attend meetings and complete various tasks with very little (physical) energy stored. This was quite a surprising revelation, as I often relied on “the need for energy” as my excuse for hourly snacking.

My use of negative words and exposure to conversation/music with profane language became very apparent to me. I had no idea the words “f**k”, “sh*t” and “b**ch” were such regulars in my vocabulary. Every time I swore I felt really bad inside, the words were literally flying out at a velocity I could not control! They say acknowledgement of an issue is the first step to making a change. I’m hoping with time I can truly address this compulsion and eventually stop swearing.

Ultimately (for me) fasting is a spiritual offertory to God. During the fast, it's very important to stay engaged with God through prayer, listening to Gospel music, reading the Bible, etc. I must admit I didn't always commit as I should have, but it was a very beautiful journey to deny my flesh of its desires, in order to feed/grow my spirit. During this time I had the opportunity to reflect about the good and bad aspects of my past. It was very interesting to receive some revelations about certain situations.

Fasting was also a great opportunity to explore my mind, especially concerning positivity. Whenever I felt down or upset, I felt really sensitive about allowing this to happen. I now realise how much of a spiritual battle it can be to cleave to the light and not pay attention/fall prey to dark thoughts. I feel I have a better understanding of our calling to be vessels of God’s light - being the positive energy for our friends/loved ones and those in our sphere of influence.

Overall, I’m very grateful for this fasting experience. Though I’ve completed this fast, it still feels weird to eat breakfast! I feel I have a much better understanding of the lifestyle I’m called to live. Above all, it was an opportunity to be intimate with Our Father. I really do encourage fasting for all. I believe something as simple as a 1-3 day fast could work wonders!

Stay Blessed

Jen Noir xx

Friday, 19 October 2018


Hi Beautiful People, here's Vlog #009, spent some quality time with my wonderful friends and family. 
Hope you like it! Xx

Saturday, 15 September 2018

New Job = New Challenges

When we come across the term ‘promotion’ at work, we often think about the glorious fat paycheque or the fabulous new job title. Although they are indeed some of the perks associated with a new position, we must not fool ourselves to believe this change in level does not come with new challenges. Following my latest promotion, I felt compelled to share some of the key lessons I’ve learned so far in this role. I've experienced a variety of emotions and thought my lessons learned (so far) may be of use to you:

The irony of a promotion is to that on the exterior you’ve elevated but internally you know you’ve somewhat mentally regressed and have a new road of learning ahead of you. I recently left a Quality Management position where I was respected as somewhat of an ‘expert’ in my field to venture into the new world of Data Privacy where (though I have developed the key skills require) I will have to learn all over again in order to once again become an expert. I understand that this will require a lot of effort on my part. I will have to venture into new project and challenges and make mistakes along the way in order to ultimately develop and learn. I will also have to work very closely with those who lead and manage me, and once again become a sponge - soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom around me.

Once I digested the excitement of getting the promotion, a very familiar terror began to brew inside...fear of change i.e being uncomfortable. Most successful people are ambitious - they constantly seek opportunities for development and challenge their capabilities.  This ultimately involves being uncomfortable i.e stepping out of your comfort zone. This is by no means an easy task - in fact it's something I still find myself trying to come to terms with.

Stepping out of your comfort zone means admitting you don't know everything - this can especially feel daunting if you’re promoted to a position where you’re expected to know it all. However the simple remedy to lack of knowledge is an appetite to learn. Not only will (should!) your organisation support you in development, we have the glorious vault of information called the world wide web. Every week I make an effort to block out an hour or two to focus strictly of my development - this includes watching online webinars and taking notes from useful posts/forums.

Another aspect of a promotion to anticipate is challenges/difficulties - both with colleagues/stakeholder and also with completing various tasks. A job promotion often means changing teams, which would involve working with a new/different set of people. Our colleagues play a major part in our overall work experience. Therefore moving forward will require an effort to understand the new people surrounding you - this means to establish your allies and also understand who the more difficult ones are. No project goes through smoothly without at least the smallest challenge. I find that it's very important to always remember the skillsets you have developed in previous roles and utilise it to the best of your abilities.

Somehow as you continue to overcome the challenges in your new role and develop resilience, over time you realise you are now an expert. Colleagues come to you for help/advice and you seem to always have the answer. You provide very useful feedback for new developments. You constantly seek areas for improvement and work towards driving the function of your role forward. You may even find that after everything, you eventually grow bored! At this stage we usually find ourselves ready for a new challenge which usually leads to the job search, which ultimately leads back to the first stage (again!)

I believe for the ambitious, this is an ongoing process - almost like a hamster wheel. So long as we wish to advance and improve, we will have to keep learning and developing and ultimately increase our capacity for greatness. I can understand why entrepreneurs always advise us to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Once we admit to ourselves that we do not know everything, and strive to make the efforts required to learn, we are surely on the right track for excellence.

I hope this post was of use to you. I myself have just realised yet another thing I will have to learn in this role. I’m hoping to be positive and determined about this in order to overcome and move forward.

Love & Peace

Jen Noir

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Hello Beautiful People, Here's Vlog #008, a bit of out and about in London celebrating my Birthday week. Hope you like it! Xx

Friday, 27 July 2018


Hello Beautiful People, here's Vlog #007, quick trip to Dublin & a bit of out and about in London. Hope you like it! Xx

Saturday, 23 June 2018