Sunday, 24 September 2017

Fashion Week SS'18


So last week I popped by the Rohmir show for London Fashion Week. So great to see yet another vibrant collection from the ever evolving brand. As always, it was fun to enjoy the fun (and often chaotic) buzz of the Fashion Pack let loose on the streets of London!

| Blazer - Zara here | Skirt - Primark similar | heels - Jacquemus here |
| Bag - Naked Vice here |

Jen xx

Pottery Painting


I hope you're all having a restful Sunday. It's no secret I enjoy the occasional painting session. I find it incredibly useful as an outlet for tension/
stress relief and also just a really handy way to to get lost in the galaxy of creativity. I usually paint on canvas but thought it would be a great idea to try pottery. One word...AMAZEBALLS! I thoroughly enjoyed every second on it. I obsessed over what to paint for a good week before we (sister and myself) finally went to the studio (Pottery Cafe, London). I highly recommend it for all, pics below....

Jen xx

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Back Details...


Hope you all had a restful weekend, it went by WAY too soon! Just a few quick snaps from my fit today. Thanks for passing by, have a fab week ahead!

| Blouse - H&M similar | Top - PLT here | Trousers - H&M here |
| Shoes - ASOS here | Bag - Michael Kors here |

Jen xx

Thursday, 10 August 2017

New Purchases


Hope you're all having a fab week. Just a quick post to share with you some of my naughty purchases! Links below:

ASOS Pointed Flats - Here
JACQUEMUS Block Heels - Here
ASOS Wet Look Midi - Here
ASOS Open Back Maxi - Here

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Givenchy SS'15 x Handmaidens Tale


Thought I'd share this 'different' look I tried out last weekend. Having recently watch The Handmaidens Tale, I felt inspired by the fully covered costumes - there was something very dark but yet conservative about their uniforms. As you may know, I designed this corset last year (inspired by the amazing corsets from the Givenchy SS'15 collection) and found it very fitting for this look. Thanks for passing by, wishing you a lovely week ahead!

| Top - Alice McCall here | Corset - by me similar | Skirt - PLT here |
| Shoes - Primark similar | Bag - Michael Kors here |

Jen xx

TREND ALERT: Glue-on Nails!


Wow it's actually been 4-evs! So glad to be blogging again. Today I share with you a super cheap and cheerful new trend that is sure to make your purse sing! Glue-on nails are super easy, super cheap and can be done from the comforts of your own home. Hope you enjoy this quick how-to guide, let me know if you have any questions!

Jen xx

I bought these from Primark for a whopping £1

We're all different in nail shape and size, so it's likely some of the nails will need some filing in order to achieve the perfect fit.

The nail glue is super strong and sticky. While this is an amazing fact, we definitely do NOT want it on our skin! For protection, use a cotton bud to apply some baby oil to the skin on your finger tips.

Now the magic begins :) Apply glue to the nails and press on your nails for approx 10-14 seconds .

Apply nail polish of your desired shade, and then....