Monday, 21 July 2014



I'm super duper pleased to share with you a first look at the second skirt from my collection. As I am of African descent, I possess an integral connection with the various prints and patterns that can be found on this fabulous African fabric we call Ankara. I made a last minute decision to really go for the tribal look by using some leftover fabric to make the headband, which I learned how to tie here. I'm still super busy working on the line; I hope to start selling sometime in August. Thank you so much for passing by, enjoy the Sun this week!  
| Top - Very Old [similar] | Skirt - Jen Noir [soon here] |
| Heels - Missguided [here] | Jewellery – ‘borrowed’ from mummy dearest ;) |

Love & Peace 
Jen Noir

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Get Ready With Me!


As a female, my favourite part of going out is the whole ‘getting ready’ process. I especially love exchanging tips with my fellow ladies and learning new trick to this trade we call beauty. So, for this weeks post I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you how I got ready for my friend's wedding! Hope you enjoy the read & have a beautiful week ahead!

| Dress – ASOS [here] | Necklace –ALDO [here] | Heels – Missguided [here] |

Love & Peace
Jen Noir

I like playing with my side bangs and trying different styles with it. For today’s look I parted the bangs into three and curled each section in using the tongs. I then back-combed and used a lot of holding spray and soft wax to hold the shape (for as long as possible). The rest of the hair is simply straightened.

Today I went for a very neutral look  with a splash of drama on the eyes. I LOVE smokey eyes combined with bronze! For the eye makeup the MAC 217 blending brush is a must! After adding a base colour, I then applied black eye shadow to the edges of my eyelids and used the 217 blending brush to blend upwards. I also added a subtle contour and simplified the look with nude lipstick.

I’ve never really tried white nail polish but as it’s summer I thought why not?! Really like how it contrasts against everything.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

La Dolce Vita


There's something very passionate yet striking and sultry about a lady in red! I'm not quite sure if the colour is simply aesthetically pleasing or if there's some hidden cryptic message it sends to the brain. I always feel that white adds class to red outfits so I opted for this structured blazer for a little cover-up. And finally for a touch of romance, I (woke up super early!) added some side-swept curls. Thank you for visiting, have a fabulous week ahead!

| Bodysuit - PLT [here] | Skirt - Ebay [here] | Blazer - Mango [similar] |
| Heels - Zara [similar] | Sunglasses - Super [here] | Jewellery - ASOS | 

Love & Peace   
Jen Noir