Thursday, 17 September 2015

Open Letter...


Wow, it's really been a hot minute since I last posted! I don't even know where to begin to explain! At some point during my approach to the age '25' I kinda had a weird 'quater life crisis'. I really had to put everything into perspective and decide my main goals/ambitions for life. Though I really enjoyed planning outfits and shooting blog posts, I honestly don't believe the amount of effort I put into it actually helps me accomplish my goals.

I love art and fashion, so it's no surprise the sheer joy I get from fashion design! I've decided to instead use this blog to concentrate on this side of me and kinda document my journey in this industry. I really do feel bad about taking such a big break, but I honestly needed some space from social media (i.e the world!) lol.

But I'm back and so excited to be blogging again! London Fashion Week starts tomorrow and danm right I'm attending! :P

Love & Peace,
Jen Noir

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