Saturday, 8 November 2014

Camel Coat


Today I'm super duper pleased to show you all the first top from my collection! It features a lace overlay with eyelash-lace neck detail. It's so weird to think of something, design it and actually have it in full body before me in a matter of weeks! I chose this clutch bag I bought in Greece (and totally forgot about) as it complements the tone of the coat. A camel coat was so overdue in my life, do you like? Thank you for passing by, have a fabulously amazing week!!

| Top - JEN NOIR [soon here] | Skirt - Missguided [here] |
| Coat - Heine [here] | Heels - ASOS [here] | Bag - Verde [similar] |

Love & Peace

Jen Noir


  1. Really beautiful coat, and I love the lace.
    Bright Shiny Day

  2. Stunning! Amazing coat with that lace looks very beautfiul.. Love it :)

  3. you rocked the outfit in a perfect way, great look.

  4. Such a great look! Adore all of those pieces!


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